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Design Consultancy

With years of experience and expertise we are expert at providing state of the art technologies in UAV design and development to full fil your requirements. We offer unparalleled personalized services and expert advice including the study of your project.


UAV Design and Development

We offer robust UAV design and autopilot engineering solutions, tailor-made to fit all your needs. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that we design are engineered with high endurance (enhanced time of flight), battery back-up and hovering capacity to deliver optimum service during the flight.

Autopilot Design

Our team of experts can assist in devloping the best in class controllers to ensure optimum efficiency of the drone for excellent service. We at Airodyn believe that the real test of our services begin once the drones start flying on their own. We offer unparalleled services to ensure that your drone has the best mind.


Object Detection Tracking and Avoidance (ML & AI)

Our experts work to provide an uncomparable eye to your drone. Through which none of the object can go undetected. We provide best in class object detecton and avoidance software development service to our clients.


SWARM Software Development

We at airodyn systems develop best in class software for the various parameter estimation and simulation of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to ensure their optimum performance when they fly as swarm. we provide the entire swarm package for defence purposes.



Avionics plays a very important role for a drone as the entire mission depends on it. Our experts design software for swarm, auto flight and more. To run these software we develop and install the best avionics on the drones. so that your missionnever fails.


Coaxial octocopter

Flight Controller

We use Px4-Autopilot which runs on nuttx (an open source RTOS ) to develop the softwares to fly the vehicle fully autonomous. To run the software we use cube-orange autopilot board along with in-house designed and developed best in class avionics


The structure of the entire vehicle has been built using the high stength composite material along with the aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Also the foldable landing gear has been design in such a way that it protacts the entire airframe from shocks during landing and crash


To provide the higly accurate pin-point location of the drone during long range missions and to hold the postion in air at a single point, an high end RTK-GPS has been installed on the vehicle

LIDAR and Sonar

Additional sensors such as 360 degree LIDAR and sonar have been installed on the vehicle for measuring distance near to the ground for precision landings and altitude control, water depth, object distance as proximity sensors for avoiding objects.

Battery Capacity / Maximum flight

Our design experts have optimised the entire avionics in such a way that the battery used on the vehicle will last longer and longer.The LI-ION battery installed on the coaxial octocopter provides the maximum flight endurance of 60 mins even when the vehicle is flying with full paylod capacity (10Kg).

Object Detection and tracking

Cameras installed onboard connects with the Nvidia -jetson onboard to detect and track the objects chosen from the groun control station

Live Video Feed

The long range video telemetry transmits the video from the drone to the ground control station in real time.

Superior Antennas / Receivers

The superior quality, long range radio transmitters and recivers provides a rang of more than 50 Km which can be extended upto 100 km by using the superior antennas

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an inhouse designed autopilot board runs the best in class contoller to provided the full autonomous capability

Light Weight

The entire vehicle weighs less than 40 grams


The autopilot board has onboard GPS along with other sensors for better navigation

Flow sensor

Onboard flow sensor provides theposion hold even in the GPS denied environment.

Long endurance

With the optimised battery and avioncs an endurance of more than 20 mins can be achieved


2-onboard cameras provide the high quality video for object detection and tracking which takes the Surveillance on next level

Live Video Feed

Live video feed is sent to the ground control station to keep an eye on every moment of the enemy in real time.

Superior Antenas, Transmitters and Receivers

The best in class antennas, transmitters and recivers installed on the vehicle provides a range of more than 1.2km

Beauty meets functionality

Our Ongoing Projects

Fully automated ornithopter

Engineered to propel even with heavy computer and sensor package and is designed exclusively to optimise payload capacity, crash survivablity and field repair abilities for use in system monitoring and surveillance in unobtrusive areas.

Hybrid Coaxial Octaquad

Powered by higly efficent electric motors and IC-engine, the vehicle has been designed by keeping high endurance and weight lifting capacity in mind and to fly without any restriction. the combination of agile, compact and robust technology makes it suitable for industrial applications such as oil pipline surveillance, fire figting, payload delivery etc.

Nano Helicopter

Nano sized helicopter for surveillance and reconnaissance measuring under 40 grams equipped with high-end avionics for autonomous flight, object detection and tracking and flying capability in GPS denied enviornment. These extraordinary cpability enables our nano helicopters to put surveillance in our palm.

Ground Control Station

Miniature Ground Control Station with autonomous Touch-and-track and Follow-Me mode for easy control and command with one-hand joystick for manual mode to make your flight breezy.



To empower and implement the dreams of our clients to mould them into reality and provide tangible business value for our partners.


To attain all-round capabilities and global recognition through credibility, integrity and responsibility.

Core values

Efficient technical innovation, accountability towards our clients for delivering on our commitments which helps us uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.

Airodyn Systems Private Limited provides ingenious solutions in the aerospace industry. Our highly potential fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Aerial Vehicles furnishes customized applications while designing, structuring, developing and manufacturing autonomous VTOL and manned/unmanned aerial vehicles attuned to military and other services. We provide staunch services that cover every aspect of drone technology including hardware, software, performance tests, hands-on tests with attention to every peculiar technical detail for highly customized applications in accordance with the client’s requisites. We develop innovative solutions for all applications of aerial vehicles including Surveillance and reconnaissance, disaster management, search and rescue and inspection and monitoring of industrial operations and workflow

Our Experts



( Sr. Design Engineer)


A CAD Design Expert


(Sr. Web Design Engineer)


A Web Design Engineer

V Sohith

(AI & ML Engineer)

V Sohith

Object Detection and Tracking Algorithm and Software Developer

D Ghatge

(PCB Design Engineer)

D Ghatge

An Electronics Hardware design expert


(Data Simulation Engineer )



Shiv D

(Bussiness Development Manager )

Shiv D


Joy B

(Airodynamis and Structur Design Engineer)

Joy B

Airodynamis and Structur Design Engineer

G Das

(Avionics and Autopilot Engineer)

G Das

Avionics and Autopilot Engineer

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